We don’t claim that we’re different in every way from everybody.  But here are some ways that we think we’re that bit better.  In ways that really matter.

  • Putting it in the context of your business

    We work at understanding what’s needed for your particular challenges, risks and strategy

  • Being fully independent

    We won’t be conflicted, have no axes to grind and won’t discount to sell other services

  • Looking at what happens in practice

    It’s what people do and how they behave that counts, not just the processes

  • Asking whether it makes practical sense

    If it does, it’s more likely to be followed in practice so we look for the benefits

  • Keeping an open mind

    Arriving without preconceived ideas

  • Looking at the wider picture

    Considering the board in the context of the management processes that support it

  • Getting to the point

    Succinct reports in plain English

  • Emphasising practicality

    Setting out areas for improvement with practical recommendations