The board needs to know that internal audit is working well, external audit is sound and risk management is effective.  And that it’s doing what it’s supposed to do around risk – setting strategy, renewing exposures and making sure  the risk management responses are well-thought through.

The Audit Committee – and for some a Risk Committee – has to assess thoroughly the effectiveness of internal audit, internal control and risk management.

And now an even brighter spotlight on committee reporting and the push for compulsory audit tenders – and possibly even rotation – is piling on the pressure for audit committees to be looking more closely at external audit effectiveness.

We’re unusual in combining board review experience with specialist expertise in audit and risk.  So we can help the board, committees and management make sure they can rely on sound audit and risk management and make the right decisions taking into account the risks.

We don’t provide internal audit service or do external audit so are fully independent and take a fresh look.

  • Internal audit effectiveness

    An independent alternative taking a more strategic look at how your needs are met.

  • External audit effectiveness

    We’re uniquely positioned as we don’t do audits but have the experience.

  • Risk governance effectiveness

    We make sure the board and committees are doing what they need to do around risk.

  • Risk management effectiveness

    We’ll look strategically at the fit of your risk management, assurance and compliance.

For each you can choose between an external review, self-assessment or external facilitation.