Our online service Thinking Board will give you much more insight from a questionnaire-based approach than you might expect.  It doesn’t just look at process and compliance with standards but at all the main influences on external audit effectiveness.  It helps you cover a lot of stakeholders easily and then analyse the results from different parts of the business.

People tell us they like the way…

  • The content is interesting and extensive

    …provoking thinking around the drivers of audit effectiveness – and clearly drawing on Independent Audit’s experience.

  • The question structure is different

    …engaging the respondent much more, helping them think through the possible issues and giving better insight.

  • The reports are very effective

    …being clear and easy to adapt into a committee report – and comparing responses from different categories gives better analysis.

  • It helps you diagnose a problem

    …drilling down through scores and comments to see where the root cause lies to spot themes.

  • It’s easy to use and time saving

    …having a clean and simple screen for respondents and easy-to-use controls for administrators.

  • The administrator is in control

    …easily and quickly changing the questions, wording and reports without having to revert to us

And for large or complex groups our Group Thinking Board gives a consistent picture of views on external audit from across the business.  And to “slice and dice” to help you see where the problems might lie.  The analysis and reporting saves you lots of time and helps you turn data into insight.

Click in the demo box to the right to get a quick overview.  Or contact us to arrange a full demonstration in person or over the phone.

You might want a bit more than self-assessment so we can combine use of our Thinking Board tool with consulting support for an external facilitation…

  • You use our questionnaires as a base

    We’ll work with you to adapt them to make sure they meet specific needs and to check you’re not missing something important.

  • We’ll analyse the responses

    They stay anonymous to you and we’ll take an independent approach to highlighting the issues.

  • We’ll produce the report

    Our analysis includes observations based on our expertise, what we see working well elsewhere and recommendations.

  • We’ll discuss the findings

    The draft report is discussed with the Chairman and if you wish we’ll present to the committee meeting.

This approach combines the strengths of a Thinking Board self-assessment, our expertise and experience from full external reviews and the objectivity of our independence.

If you’re more interested in an interview based external review take a look at our External Review approach.  And we can help with your tender too.