We help audit committees assess internal audit effectiveness.

This has to be done every year.  So we can help when you need to do the five-yearly full external review.  Or in other years to make sure your self-assessment is asking the right questions and reaching enough stakeholders, using our online tool Thinking Board.  Or you can combine that with consulting support so your review becomes an external facilitation.

Our audit expertise together with our “board’s-eye” perspective has meant that we’re known as a genuinely different alternative to the Big Four as reviewers of internal audit effectiveness.

With an Independent Audit assessment, you’ll get a bit of a different take.  That’s particularly the case when you go for a full, interview-based external review.

  • A business-focussed approach

    We concentrate on what you need in your circumstances and work back to technical quality as a means rather than an end.

  • No set model

    We do not assess internal audit services against a predefined model.  Each review is tailor-made to your needs and characteristics.

  • What happens in practice

    We look at the essential internal audit processes and resources including audit walk-throughs and talking to “the audited”.

  • A strategic look

    We’ll assess how far internal audit provides what the business needs today and how it’s positioned for the business of the future.