You may want more than a self-assessment but don’t want an interview-based external review.

Combining self-assessment using Thinking Board with consulting support, you can report that you have conducted an “externally-facilitated review”… bringing together the strengths of a Thinking Board self-assessment, our experience from external reviews and our independence.

  • You use our questionnaires as a base

    We’ll work with you to adapt them to make sure they meet specific needs and to check you’re not missing something important.

  • We’ll analyse the responses

    They stay anonymous to you and we’ll take an independent approach to highlighting the issues.

  • We’ll produce the report

    Our analysis includes observations based on our expertise and what we see working well elsewhere and recommendations.

  • We’ll discuss the findings

    The draft report is discussed with the Chairman and if you wish we’ll present to the audit committee meeting.

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