We do external reviews of board effectiveness.

We’ll support your self-assessment using our online tool Thinking Board

For an externally-facilitated review we combine Thinking Board self-assessment with independent consulting support, analysis reporting and discussion.

We also do specialist reviews of board committee effectiveness.

Whatever approach you choose for your board effectiveness review, you benefit from…

  • Our experience

    We focus on corporate governance – seeing what works well and appreciating the constraints.  We all have many years’ experience in governance, risk and audit.

  • Our approach

    We put our assessment in the context of your business.  We work to understand what your board needs to do well and the demands, challenges and risks it faces.

  • Our knowledge

    With specialist skills across governance, we’re unique amongst leading board reviewers, really understanding the committees and how the governance framework fits together.

  • Our focus

    We do look at the board processes but mainly at the real drivers of board effectiveness such as the way time is spent, the dynamics, management relationship, information flows…

  • Our reports

    Reports are short and to the point.  You get practical recommendations that are relevant to your board and business.

  • Our style

    People say they find our interviews more interesting and enjoyable than they expected – and our self-assessment board effectiveness questionnaires surprisingly interesting.

We’ll always take a look at the committees during our board reviews as their work is so essential to board effectiveness.  But we also do in-depth committee reviews.  Our specialist expertise gives us the ability to look in detail and provide particular insight.

We work with all types of organisations, with independent board evaluation for listed companies (large and small), mutuals, UK subsidiaries of foreign companies, pension fund trustee boards, investment trusts, charities, universities, NHS Trusts…