• Understanding you

    We review a year’s cycle of board papers.  It helps us follow questions through and make recommendations specific to you.

  • Interviews

    Confidential interviews with directors – and usually with some executives too – are informal but rigorous.

  • Observation

    Often we’ll observe a board meeting – and possibly committee meetings.  It’s useful to see how people interact but it’s not essential.

  • Reporting

    Short reports provide a good basis for next steps.  An appendix lists our suggestions – all linked back to the analysis.

  • Discussion

    We discuss the draft report with the Chairman before our final report goes to the full board.  Usually we’ll present it.

  • Follow up

    It’s useful to come back after six months or so to help you review progress against plan.  But that’s up to you.

If you’re not looking for an interview-based approach this time round, take a look at how we can support you using our online tool Thinking Board