Assessing Risk Management Effectiveness

Good risk management isn’t just a question of having good processes . Assessing effectiveness means understanding the impact that risk management is having on the business. And that means thinking about “effectiveness” is a different way and asking: how far does risk management help us make better decisions and get things right? Audit (& Risk) […]

Subsidiary Boards – it’s not that simple

We do a lot of work on helping subsidiaries understand their governance objectives and the best approach; we know you can’t just take the Corporate Governance Code and expect subsidiary boards simply to act as lower-level versions of the group board.  In this webinar we looked at questions such as: Where am I starting from […]

Board Reviews: Getting value from self-assessments

It can be tricky to get value from a “self-assessment” board review.  In this webinar, Richard Sheath and Tim Anderson-Edward presented some ideas and solutions to common challenges our clients face when trying to get more out of questionnaires, such as boredom, relevance, inevitability length and reporting.  Download slides

From nothing to everything and back again: has modern risk management failed?

Tuesday 29th November, 2016: 6pm – 8pm The importance of risk management within organisations is undisputed, with the role of Chief Risk Officer now firmly embedded at senior management and board level. But how effectively do risk management functions influence organisations? Are risk management structures and governance arrangements working? What lessons do we still have […]

Next Generation NED Forum 2016

Independent Audit are pleased to be speaking at the Next Generation NED Forum where our Chairman Ken Olisa shares his views on “Diversity: Board behaving better” Further details can be found here.

Practical Law 2016 Company Secretary Forum

The Company Secretary Forum is the flagship annual event in the company secretary diary. Independent Audit is pleased once again to be sponsoring and speaking at the conference.  Jonathan Hayward will join Sir Win Bischoff and Carol Chesney from Halma to discuss: Culture to capital – aligning corporate behaviour with long term performance. The full […]

ICSA Subsidiary Governance Conference November 2016

Independent Audit was pleased to speak at the annual ICSA Subsidiary Conference. Subsidiary companies are not just branches of the parent business. Legally separate, they have their own boards and management teams and are often answerable to regulators in different parts of the world. So, exercising due oversight and control over them can be a […]

Getting value from board reviews – The NED Forum

Richard Sheath, founder partner, will be sharing with you thoughts on how you can make the board effectiveness review process thought-provoking and engaging. There are different approaches to board review – and the value naturally differs too. In this session, Richard will draw on many years’ worth of experience of board reviews for many different […]

Save The Date: New Culture Report Launch

Dispensing with the clichés, what does overseeing how people behave actually mean in practice for the Chairman, the non-executives and the executives on the Board?   What are their respective responsibilities?  And what are they doing in order to ensure the employees in their companies are “doing the right thing”? To answer these questions, we ran […]

Practical Law: Forum for Unlisted Companies 2016

The job of the Company Secretary is no longer simply to ensure statutory compliance.  The skills of the company secretary can have a direct impact on the effectiveness of the Board and organisation. Independent Audit are once again delighted to be sponsoring Practical Law’s 2nd Annual Company Secretary series for unlisted companies. The Forum will give delegates the […]