All change in external audit – webinar

Are you clear about how the new regulatory frameworks affecting audit tendering will impact you? 

Will this just be an additional burden or an opportunity to increase the quality of your audit?

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‘Is Corporate Governance a Dangerous Distraction?’ An evening discussion hosted by Independent Audit and Thomson Reuters

Is Corporate Governance a Dangerous Distraction? This is a question worth asking. As we look to improve governance, we should continually challenge our assumptions. For some, the answer to every corporate governance failure is more – or at least better – governance. But have we come to rely too much on the type of governance […]

Boards Behaving Badly breakfast workshop

Board effectiveness hinges on how the people behave with one another. This ‘mini culture’ will determine, more than any other factor, how influential a Board will be in the smooth running of the company.

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Whither Risk Management – Heads of Internal Audit discussion

Risk management is far from the headlines.  With lessons to be learnt for both financial services companies and those outside of financial services, this Chatham House discussion for Heads of Internal Audit will be an opportuity to consider issues ... Read More