Save The Date: New Culture Report Launch

Dispensing with the clichés, what does overseeing how people behave actually mean in practice for the Chairman, the non-executives and the executives on the Board?   What are their respective responsibilities?  And what are they doing in order to ensure the employees in their companies are “doing the right thing”?

To answer these questions, we ran a survey of both chairmen and company secretaries.  While this provided some useful statistics, a questionnaire has its limitations when it comes to getting to the heart of the complexity of culture.  So we interviewed [65] chairmen and CEOs of some of the UK’s biggest public companies, challenging them to give us their practical insights and honest opinions.  They gave us a range of fascinating views, pithy quotes and lively stories.  In this report, we too are challenging ourselves to distil and summarise what they have said without recourse to either hot air or waffle (and using the word culture as little as possible).

The result of our unique and in-depth research is being published on 21 July, 2016 . To receive a copy of the report please register your interest at

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