Thinking Board®  our online governance self-assessment tool has been designed to overcome the well-understood limitations of questionnaires and to provide more – and better insights than other questionnaires and deliver the real value boards want – not just a tick in the box.

You can use it standalone or as part of an externally-facilitated review.

Another way to impress your board.

More than 100 companies have used Thinking Board®, including 20 FTSE 100 and many more FTSE 250 companies, small caps, private companies and subsidiaries and mutuals.

The best way to understand how it might help is to see it for yourself: Thinking Board – Governance self-assessment for thoughtful boards

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Special Thinking Board® modules also cover the boards and committees of:

  • Pension Fund Trusts

  • Investment Trusts

  • Housing Associations

  • NHS Trusts

And we’ve modules covering:

  • Group Governance

    for those who need to assess governance across a group structure

  • Control culture

    for when you want to assess behaviour across your business

In fact, for Groups we’ve a special version of Thinking Board that helps you “slice and dice” data so that it makes a lot more sense.  You can apply a standard approach across group companies.  Or you can give them access to as subsidiaries so they can do their own review.

If you’d like to get a better idea of what comes out of a Thinking Board-based review go to: