It's not just a question of technology

Many boards will be pleasantly surprised at how they’ve mastered virtual meetings, the odd hiccup notwithstanding.  But, having cleared the initial hurdles, the new challenge, for everyone from Board Chairs and directors to regulators and investors, is maintaining effectiveness in this new environment.  As we conduct our board evaluations, we are looking increasingly at the impact of virtual board interaction, finding ourselves asking if the way in which boards are taking decisions has fundamentally changed.

Is a smooth-running Zoom meeting all that it is cracked up to be? In this month’s bulletin, we give some examples of good practices we’ve seen and some pointers on what boards need to avoid if they want to ensure that the quality of their decision-making doesn’t deteriorate without anyone really noticing…

We have also produced a handy checklist to help Chairs, Senior Independent Directors (SIDs) and Company Secretaries ensure virtual decision-making remains effective in the long term:  Download checklist