December seems a long time ago.  Back then our monthly Bulletin imagined how boards will be working by 2030 – and suddenly we find that the virtual board meetings we saw as futuristic have already arrived.   So, as boards strive to respond to the many new challenges of the Covid-19 situation, it’s essential that board and committee meetings work better than ever.  The breadth and difficulty of the issues being thrown up is unprecedented and so good communication, constructive discussion and clear decisions are essential. 

A virtual board review is taking place via video call, and one of the participants is a dog.

Postponing decisions probably won’t be an option, and confusing outcomes will be more than usually unhelpful – potentially destructive.  And these better-than-ever meetings have to be done without being in the same room, working with a management team who are probably similarly dispersed.   Because we’re in contact with a lot of boards who are meeting virtually, we are seeing what works well and where things go wrong.  Here are some practical tips to follow, and traps to avoid.

(You can also download our handy checklist for CoSecs and Chairs here)