ACME Insurance plan to board a boat for their Bermuda board meeting in a month

In a month when the new CEO of BP has announced his company’s intention to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050, our regular bulletin is taking a leaf out of Greta’s book and going green.  What is a board to do?  Regulators are already making their expectations clear, so, for anyone who is a director of a financial institution, climate change has shot towards the top of the agenda.  But at our non-FS clients, we see various shades of green in the boardroom and, at some, a distinct absence of green at all.

In this month’s Bulletin, we’re not going to debate the science: what matters is that a shift has taken place.  Climate-change activism may have been a peripheral movement a few short years ago but, now, there is an increasingly mainstream call to action.  The political, investor and customer winds have shifted.  So whether you’re a believer or still a bit of a sceptic, every board should be driving their organisation’s focus on this important topic and every director must be able to state what their organisation is doing about it.  Here are a few suggestions as to how to go about it – and some potential slip-ups to avoid.