Thinking Board® Evaluator

by Independent Audit

Thinking Board Evaluator, created by Independent Audit, is the digital board evaluation system that empowers boards who want to work better and smarter to start reviewing and improving their performance. No matter what your business or industry, a board review is accessible to you. Our goal is to make sure any board—regardless of location, size or maturity—has access to tools to conduct effective, impactful board evaluations.

Why We Designed It

We created Thinking Board® Evaluator to empower boards to conduct rigorous, engaging board evaluations while significantly reducing time and investment by taking all coordination, analysis and reporting online.

Thinking Board® Evaluator is built on Independent Audit’s decades of experience evaluating boards for organisations of all sizes across industries and sectors. The evaluation assesses your board’s performance against our proven 12-part Model of Board Effectiveness.

Effective, Affordable, Proven

Thinking Board® Evaluator makes it efficient o get an intelligent, board-ready report presenting actionable steps to take to improve board performance—all managed from a convenient online platform.

Easily manage your review using our online platform.
See who has responded and send reminders if needed.
Rely on anonymous responses and the highest levels of security.

Independent Audit has performed board evaluations for over 400 global companies. That experience has taught us that when you are evaluating board performance, it’s important to take questions to the right depth to avoid misinterpretation, gain clear insights that spark the right dialogue, and identify specific areas for focused action.

Our unique two-part question structure we built into our reporting platform gives you much more than just a score. Our proven method works to draw out thoughtful responses from your participants so you have stakeholder input on what you need to do and how to do it.

Are you ready to start your board evaluation?

Global Leaders in Board Evaluation

Since 2002, Independent Audit has been helping boards work better. We get to the heart of what really matters to your board members and executives, so they can help management make optimal decisions, improve financial performance and tackle their most pressing business challenges.


What is the difference between Thinking Board Evaluator and other board surveys?

The unique question structure we built into Thinking Board Evaluator gives you much more than just a score. Our proven method helps you to dig deeper and uncover opportunities to improve. We ask twelve questions about how well the board is working, and for each, we make five suggestions about angles your participants should consider. Then they can select any areas where they think the board can perform better. It helps your participants think more deeply about each assessment area and gives more insight. A Thinking Board Evaluator survey takes every question an important step further.

The strength and decisiveness of our questions is what empowers our tool to provide you with and automated Board-ready report, plus clear recommendations on actions.

How long will the survey take for my Board members to complete?

Anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes.

There are 12 questions each person will rate and assess across Independent Audit’s Board Effectiveness Model. Each question prompts your participants to answer with a rating, but they can also identify some specific considerations that they have just taken into account and where the board could improve. So you don’t just get a score – you get a better understanding of what is influencing the rating and what specifically is an opportunity to work better.

Can the survey be customized for our organization?

The Thinking Board Evaluator survey is designed to be a fixed assessment of the 12 categories that matter most for board performance.

If a custom survey is something your organization may be interested in based on specific insights you’re looking to gain, we encourage you to reach out to Independent Audit, leaders in board evaluations and the consultants behind Thinking Board Evaluator. Custom solutions are available as a separate service from the online platform. Contact Independent Audit, here.

Is Thinking Board Evaluator available in languages other than English?

Currently the survey, its questions, and the board-ready report which it generates are only available in English. We are developing other language versions. Contact us to find out when the language you are interested in will be available.

How long will we have access to Thinking Board Evaluator?

You can launch your survey any time after signing up and have access to your report for a period of one month after your evaluation is complete.

How will our data be secured?

Thinking Board Evaluator is built on a proven, secure platform that protects your information.

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