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Independent Audit has been helping boards work better since 2002.

We care about board performance because we know that effective boards mean stronger organisations. We know the benefits strong governance can bring to your shareholders, your employees and the communities you serve.

Thinking Board® Evaluator

Now we bring you Thinking Board® Evaluator – the digital board evaluation system we’ve created to empower boards to conduct effectiveness self-assessments confidently, while significantly reducing your time and investment by taking all coordination, analysis and reporting online.

Our goal is to make sure any board—regardless of location, size or maturity—can benefit from an effective, impactful evaluation, whether for a first time review, to refresh your board’s approach, or to get a quick but useful assessment.

Built By Experts

We understand what really drives board effectiveness (we’ve been doing it longer than most other people). Thinking Board Evaluator gives you access to our knowledge and expertise through a powerful analytics platform.

Proven Performance Evaluation

Thinking Board Evaluator draws on the insights into how boards work that we’ve built from hundreds of board reviews for many different types of organisation across six continents.

More Than a Score

Our thought-provoking questions give you real insights into how your board is performing, what are your biggest opportunities for improvement, and how to take action.

Fully Automated and Secure

Thinking Board Evaluator is an efficient, affordable option that does all the hard work so you don’t have to. Built on a proven, secure platform that protects your information.

The Right Questions Make The Difference

Our unique two-part question structure:

  • Draws out deeper, thoughtful responses with anonymity to encourage openness and transparency from your board members.
  • Is based on Independent Audit’s Board Effectiveness model which benefits from almost 20 years of expertise advising boards on their effectiveness
  • Gives you a clear picture of how well your board is performing across 12 key dimensions
  • Doesn’t just tell you a score but enables you to see why a poor score is given – and what you can do about it

Focused Actionable Reports

Thinking Board Evaluator automatically generates a report that is ready to go straight into the Board pack. It provides:

  • A clear assessment of your board’s effectiveness – and the underlying reasons for it
  • Prioritised opportunities for action
  • Performance improvement data and benchmarking over time

How Thinking Board Evaluator Works

Fully automated and secure, Thinking Board Evaluator simply requires you to sign up online and tell the system who needs to respond to the questions. Then it’s all automatic until it generates a board-ready report that tells you what’s behind the scores, identifies priories and suggests what you should do next to make your board stronger.

What You Get



Access practical expert knowledge through a ready-to-go digital solution.



Focus on your board’s biggest opportunities for improvement and growth.



Generate the right conversations around the issues that matter most.



Work together better so that you see progress over time, adding more value as directors and helping management make better decisions.

Are you ready to start your board evaluation?

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